Virtual or Greenscreen Background


Virtual Background (a.k.a. chroma, greenscreen, ebackground)
This feature is available as an upgrade to any Clip Photobooth packages.

We can make the background a cartoon set (e.g. bikini bottom or the set of angry birds)
We can make the background a tourist spot of a place significant to your love story (your honeymoon destination, where you met, future home, etc)
You can choose up to 4 different backgrounds. (1 background per pose)

(+) It’s more fun for the guest
(+) Pictures can change per shot
(+) Background appear sharper and colors are more accurate in the final print
(-) Physical background is not customized. It will be just plain green/blue.
(-) When a guest supports theĀ color near the physical background color, it will render invisible. Thus, if your theme is green, we’ll make it bluescreen. If your theme is blue, we’ll make it green. If it’s both, we don’t recommend using this.
(-) This is not recommended for venues with green lights (e.g. green semi transparent ceiling, green tent)
(-) Not recommended forĀ events with harsh changing lights (e.g. sunrise, sunset)

Add 1,000php to any event


Here are some samples of events that used Virtual Background.

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