Push your event hashtag all the way to the trending list.

Instead of waiting for their turn on one camera to get their prints, guests could now take photos themselves and upload it on Instagram, using #HashtagOfYourChoice.

+ No line for the guests
+ Guests could approve / delete their photos and use only the print-worthy ones
+ Allows guests to express creativity, be entertained (design a collage, apply filter, and do other creative stuff with their photos)
– Guests without smartphones may not enjoy this

Rates are dependent on the souvenir product of your choice.
(for the list of souvenir product, visit
* All packages are compatible with this setup. Video uploads, however, requires a faster internet connection

All Hashtag Print packages are inclusive of
– (for Unlimited Printing) Onsite Printing of the tagged photos from the specified time
– (for Quantity Based packages) Onsite Printing of uploaded photos
– High quality, quick, and long lasting prints
– Customized layout (border) design to include your event details
– 2 friendly technicians (at least)

Packages also comes with FREE…
– Online gallery
– Use of projector and screen to display tagged images, instruction, ads, pictures, etc.
– Internet Connection

Rates depends on the souvenir product you choose. Click here for the complete list.

All items here are compatible with #Clip Instaprints except the 3D Prints.

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